SafeTitan Protocol

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100% Community Driven

Community driven & fair launch. No team tokens, dev's will participate in the fair launch with everyone else.

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Automatic LP

Every trade contributes towards automatically generating liquidity locked inside PancakeSwaps LP.

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RFI Static Rewards

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of SafeTitan grow indefinitely.



21 Aug 2021

Community Rewards

We are offering cryptos BIGGEST community rewards program. $500,000 is allocated for community members. Simple tasks include following us on Twitter & joining the Telegram room. Lucrative rewards include successful Tiktok videos, widely read medium articles and popular Youtube videos. Members of our community based in China are encouraged to promote on platforms such as Douyin, Youku, Weibo and Kuaishou.

5 Dec 2021

Influencer Marketing

We are in the process of finalising deals with some of Chinas most popular influencers. We've decided to do things slightly differently.

Rather than simply focus on crypto influencers we'll be partnering with influencers who are popular in the mainstream.

There are dozens of influencers in China who cover a wide variety of subject areas. For example, Li Jiaqi & Fan BingBing are not in crypto but do have tens of millions of followers. Posts and mentions regarding SafeTitan would help propel awareness to many across China and East Asia.

23 Dec 2021

Token Sale

Our token sale commences on 23 December 2021, registration will be open until 19 December 2021. Hardcap 5mUSD. Max of 1000USD per person. Phone number required for registration (We'll also have other controls in place to prevent whales accumulating tokens. This will be a fair launch and fully community owned token.).


Our Road to Mass Adoption

jake paul
soulja boy
faze banks

Getting into the mainstream

The end goal is simple, to be the most recognized new token on the market. Our global promotional strategy objective is to trend across all the major social media platforms with the support of influencers, the SafeTitan community & the mainstream media. Contractual agreements are now in a place where influencers will be posting both descriptive and positive messages about SafeTitan on pre-defined dates. SafeTitan will be the most recognized new token on the market.

daily mail
fox news
the sun

We also have the biggest community fund in crypto, $500,000 of SafeTitan tokens to community members who help spread awareness of SafeTitan. The network multiplier effect of a combination of all three funnels will be significant.

Our marketing budget of over a million USD has allowed us to secure promotional deals in the following sectors...

Our Marketing Contracts:

GAMINGTotal ContractsTotal Engagements (P/M)Description
Gaming2275,000Player sponsorship & sponsored Twitch live streams
Gaming321,500,000Collaboration with popular Fortnite & Call of Duty Youtuber's.
Gaming250500,000Deals with active members in popular gaming forums.
Gaming2300,000Sponsored articles & ad’s in two of the most popular Gaming magazines
Influencers512,000,000Secured contracts with both popular influencers on TikTok, Instagram & Youtube
Influencers5004,000,000Arranged agreements with thousands of small influencers on TikTok, Instagram & Youtube

This approach will ensure SafeTitan will be promoted to millions of people in short order. The combined network effect of thousands of smaller influencers will help propel SafeTitan into the mainstream. Influencers will be selected from a variety of niches ranging from those who predominately focus on crypto to general influencers on all the well-known social media platforms. Our coordinated, targetted strategy will help SafeTitan benefit from a huge network multiplier effect, ensuring global coverage and awareness of both the token sale and post-market launch.

Going beyond the moon with China

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Our core marketing strategy includes focusing on a mass promotional campaign to attract crypto enthusiasts in both China & South Korea. The campaigns objective is to ensure tens of millions of potential community members become aware of SafeTitan via a multitude of channels. Focus in this area will be one of the keys to our success. This has been a difficult nut to crack for our competitors due to the complexities and nuances of marketing in mainland China. Our far eastern marketing team are based in Beijing and have an intimate knowledge of the country.

Platforms such as:

PlatformDaily UsersChinese Alternative to
Sina Weibo225,000,000Twitter
Qzone, Xiaohongshu, Zhihu & Baidu Tieba1,000,000,000+Social Media

The combined number of active users across all of these social media platforms are several billion. Our team have reached agreements with dozens of influencers spanning all of these platforms.

Our marketing campaign will help propel SafeTitan to levels not seen by our competitors. We are in the middle of a crypto super-cyle, marketing matters, our targeted nuanced promotional strategy will ensure SafeTitan will be one of the most recognised tokens on the planet.

Our Advertising Partners

Mr Hoo.

Xia Yue

Guangdong Advertising Group

Mr Yee.

Ye Maozhong

Beijing Media

Mr Wan

Wang Wenzhon

Shenzhen Marketing

Engagement with our special advisors based in China will add significant weight to our promotional efforts.

Xia Yue (VP Marketing at one of Chinas most renowned advertising agencies - Guangdong Advertising Group) Over 10 years digital marketing experience in mainland China. An expert marketer who understands the local lay of the land would help us achieve significant success.

Ye Maozhong Chinas most notorious marketing professional. His agencies sole objective is to ensure brands are trending continuously during a promotional campaign. His approach is legendary and has been emulated by many successful brands in China. A collaboration with Mr. Maozhong alone would ensure SafeTitan will become a household name to both crypto enthusiasts in China and those who have a peripheral interest in finance.

Wang Wenzhon is a well known figure in brand management and marketing via mainstream promotional channels. Over 15 years experience in marketing to all demographics in mainland China. He will be a welcome addition to help us promote awareness of SafeTitan through newspapers, magazines and radio. Covering the traditional media space will be a welcome supplement to our digital marketing efforts.


A Defi CrossChain Exchange (PosT)

New entrants to the cryptocurrency world often refer to a steep learning curve; difficult to use clunky platforms with poor UX/UI, security concerns & scams, mistakes such as inadvertently sending crypto to the wrong chain and a whole plethora of ways the user can lose there valuable crypto.

The market need

Many user’s are also not aware of or find difficulty in DeFI passive earning, with billions in crypto sitting idly in there wallets (due to lack of understanding, complexity and concern of loosing crypto through scams, poor security practices and difficult to use platforms.). Furthermore, a lack of a private & secure decentralized cross-platform exchange prevents users who value privacy to transact in a truly private way. The whole space is a minefield, this situation is ridiculous. We want SafeTitan to be easier to use than cash, very difficult to lose and nigh on impossible to steal. Furthermore, those in the community who want to help validate SafeTitan's transactions (post MainNet) should have the ability to farm without expensive hardware (that needs continuous upgrades), or a huge energy bill with environmental consequences. All of these concerns prevent the everyday person from participating in farming, mining & lucrative yields.

Some Key Points

  1. Finalize development of the SafeTitan Wallet & Exchange
  2. A proof of time secure consensus algorithm that will replace environmentally and financially expensive proof of work & proof of stake.
  3. A bespoke programming language that will be on-chain, a breeze to audit and super secure.
  4. Wallets that are recoverable, atomic swaps, payees who are pre-authorized, multisig wallets, wallets with rate limits
  5. Easy to use & secure token issuances of alternate coins, assets, and stable coins (with a simple lightweight wallet that can be installed on a phone without the need for a trusted full node; full support for inner smart transactions, where vault & payment channel smart transaction functionality can be reliably implemented.).
  6. Finalise an agreement with a major phone manufacture to pre-install the SafeTitan wallet on all new handsets & tablets (the manufacturer we are negotiating with has a huge market share in one of the regions of the world. We can’t disclose the name until the agreement is finalized. We’ll release details in our community channel as soon as contracts are in place.).
  7. Our new release will be coupled with an intensive and aggressive marketing campaign in all regions with particular emphasis in South Korea & China through our marketing partners in Beijing.

SafeTitan Protocol

The SafeTitan Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn.

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