August 13, 2021

Marketing Campaigns (PRE ICO)Registration EndsICO DateToken Launch
21 September 202109 October 202114 October 202120 October 2021

Above are the new timeline dates

Hail Titans! We have been humbled by the support of the SafeTitan community and have appreciated emails and social media comments with regards to both the technical and marketing aspects of the project.


Due to the delays we've decided to offer an opportunity for our early registrants and general supporters to participate in a presale. We've allocated 1% of tokens for the presale. 0.5% will be allocated to our early supporters and 0.5% of general registrants will be randomly selected. Those selected to participate in the presale will receive a bonus of 20% of additional SafeTitan tokens. We will be emailing winners over the next few days.


For full transparency and to ensure timely regular updates we've decided to hire a community manager. We hadn't begun the full marketing push and therefore did not expect such a large user-base in such a short space of time and therefore have not yet responded to all messages. The community manager will regularly update and answer all questions within 24hrs. The community manager will also respond to the backlog of emails we've had. We appreciate your continued patience.


We would like to update our community and bring some clarity with reference to the delays launching the project. We grind our teeth every time we have an additional delay. We're working flat out on SafeTitan to ensure its not only a robust and secure platform but also compliant with regulations in the Far East.

In addition to regulatory compliance (a long and tedious process), we are cognizant of the fact that launching an ICO during a bear market is risky. We prefer to launch during favourable market conditions. Current market conditions indicate a prelude to one of the biggest bull runs to date for the general crypto market and specifically Binance chain based tokens.

The delay, due to regulatory compliance and the technical complexities of developing a secure and robust cross chain decentralized exchange, may have been a blessing in disguise. If everything was in order we would have launched during the recent downturn. The market is now in a stronger position and we will be ready to launch during the heat of the upcoming bull run.

Many of you who have examined our white-paper understand that SafeTitan is more than just another meme coin. Yes, we will be marketing in similar ways but we actually have a useful and unique platform that includes an exchange tailored for both the Chinese & Western markets. The recently reported crypto clampdowns in China highlights the importance of adhering to the stringent controls and registration requirements to operate in China and the far east in general. The long term success of SafeTitan depends on ensuring we follow a careful peer reviewed process. The platform must be robust, secure and comply with the guidance and mandatory controls set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Both regulatory and technical development issues have been a setback, but we prudently chose to ensure we've covered all bases before officially launching SafeTitan.

We do appreciate your patience and understanding, expect a big announcement and major marketing efforts in the coming weeks.

SafeTitan Protocol

The SafeTitan Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn.

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