October 09, 2021

It's official; we're announcing a significant overhaul of the branding, timeline, content, and two new dApps that will have a beta release by early December.

Before we get into it, we have to address why we've decided to make the changes.


As you all know, advertising regulations for cryptocurrency companies have changed, at least for now. Until the laws change, we have to switch the marketing plan and focus on our other campaigns.

A Change of Plan?

The overall vision for SafeTitan hasn't changed, only our advertising strategy & campaigns. We've always planned SafeTitan would encompass an ecosystem with multiple dApps.

We had initially focused our branding on our sizeable Chinese advertising campaigns. The latest revision of our branding & promotions will reflect our advertising prowess in reaching other regions, ensuring both those new to crypto and experienced crypto enthusiasts worldwide.


First of all, we've put the ICO on hold until the rebranding is complete. Upon release, The ICO will resume with just seven days to register.

And to answer the question "So, how long do we have to wait?" - Not long. We don't want to stick to any rough date as of yet.

*Note: We tried to get the new site's beta version and the staking application's alpha version ready for the announcement.

Now let's talk about the two new dApps.


We're creating a staking dApp that rewards people who lock in STTN with up to 50% APY (Depending on the selected locking period.). As STTN isn't inflationary, the rewards will be other BEP-20 altcoins.


We've partnered up with a popular flash game developer whose games have reached six figures of plays. Together, we're redesigning one of his most popular games and bringing it to the mass market.

A brief on our marketing focus


We've had meetings with marketing partners in Korea who have launched some incredibly successful campaigns. As a result, Korea will be a region of focus for the STTN cross-chain exchange.


We have agreements with some major news platforms. We're also negotiating additional promotions that will cover multiple regions.


This hasn't changed, you can view our website for more information.


An affiliate system will help offshoot hundreds of pro SafeTitan communities across every platform. By sticking with SafeTitan, community administrators could rack up to $10,000 worth of SafeTitan in commission.

In the forthcoming blogs, the specifics of each section will be addressed.

SafeTitan Protocol

The SafeTitan Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn.

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